Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Audience's Realization

and as these words came tumbling down they slowed their progress in mid fall and ran together to form a neumonic prayer
in ryhme they cried its rendered in rhyme and done so thusly id add
thus the former and in response the latter she called
and see the metre too it greatly pleases me
and enamoured they were excited and surprised for they felt renewed in gentler light and glared and loved and each member of the gaping clan held anothers hand and begin to sing some song the words of which are clearly irrelevent so dare not inquire theres a good boy for now watch as these pretty rhymes resume their fall (sprawl, scrawl, drawl drivvvel dire debacle mess mess mess) scattered wide and each nailed down as it landed on hills between ports of fame and unity and the song forgotten the melody lost and non but words still linger stale and perfect on our tongue and i cough and splutter to feel the syllabic crackle (ackle ackle cra cra) and she looks down at me taller and more splendid than
::the day in the spring when all things seemed so fragile and eagerly
willing to
and i had to reply so quickly: and with exuberent dignity i prepared to listen carefully she began to say and then i joined in lexiconic harmony as we offered up our prayer.
back out of these dreams coward and face the shining sky see that floating leaf that spirals down towards our face.

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