Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Death [and the dirty mirror]

beautiful both these faces {the identical masks of the twins} raise to the sky for once after this long gaze unbroken set straight from one to the same and in the glassy sea they strain to smile at a face they thought their own how could that possibly be me when i stand here by my side and the other says the same and at once they look away for fear of learning something new for all these many days they both had looked only at themselves and astounded now by the searing hate when one finds in an other something other than themself


scream eternal to know the truth that not everyone is you
one twin bravely stares back into the skay and sees that angel who never left the stalls watching patient awaiting the scene

and the second twin looks down to the dirt and sees the angel too bravo we cried again again could you replay the part with the tears finally we feel the same as you and the twins hold hands and pull each other closer still and closer and closer until

>>and the ground opens and the sky falls and the seasons start anew<<
did i ever know you narcissus calls and falls into the sky did i ever know you calls the other and falls falls falls and as that face becomes the same as dirt and the other the same as storm they take this final glance
and feel
is it happy
is it sad
and die

the angel pulls the rope and the curtain falls and the audience appear confused should we clap now should we clap

and on the face of the curtain the audience sees the audience sees the audience sees 

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