Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Eternal

".he's a fool who carves the stone."
-were the final words-

in silence we followed the city streets beneath the following moon

that bears down her accusing glow

and casts a borrowed light

too dim even for shadows to fall

and we see our solid skins

our single lines

me in hers

and her in my eyes

and yet continue on our path we share this route through empty streets between the sleeping homes

with curtains drawn

with back doors closed

and locked

and gates bolted shut

314. and ever on through peasant fields and then across that bridge [the one you know that arcs above that slowly spilled ravine] and stop for just one hour as we always had to watch the passing time the same as when we first arrived the same as when we left.

326. i strained to see the horizon (though distant seeming within my grasp) so he moved closer thinking quietly to himself with each step it must be soon in hand as the fields he knew so well became forests where saplings covered the passing sky and from these heights threw sycamores down and rose up from beneath his feet the ruins that became his home where he was born where he lived where he dies and ventured ever on up towards the mountain range that climbed faster than his hopes could fly but pulled and gasped and grew old again and took a single step back and with his chisel in hand hacked furiously at the mountain side

-he wept in confusion barely able to stare into the face of the idol he'd crafted glaring down viciously at the poor fools crumbling home built hastily here by the shore {he'd needed shelter from the cold for all the years that passed as he accidentally devoted his lives to prayers he didnt know}

and so disgusted with a blow from his hammer brought the statue down upon his shelter and
began to build-

328. is this the culmination of our arts desires the angel asks before we had a chance to brood and further demanded if we had some conclusion to provide and we had nothing to offer him not that he was surprised but its fair to suggest disappointed he sat so patiently the old song through adding suggestions and commenting all the way so boldly you scorned so quick you left the stalls

376. he looked to the other and the other looked to me and wordlessly we cast ourselves into the stream that pulled us past these humbling scenes and eventually out to the open sea where we drifted freely for a thousand years and a thousand more until after our breath was gone

and we were tossed to the common sands

999. he stepped up towards the fallen head and shook hands with the lonely old man who smiled and bowed and strolled out into the sea but i could do nothing but look at the ruins of the statue so tall in design and now crumbled so low and yet these fragments seem hopeful down beneath his feet.

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