Monday, October 27, 2008


Two: in the mind
one: in the body

ready for reaction always restrained and this is the lever that unclasps the remaining fret set hard against the body waiting for the empty strains heaving desperately beneath the all too stoic flesh fresh and burnt broken and betrayed waiting and waiting and waking early in the evening to the blinking sighing relief of wonder that here falls in the sky the sun that makes promises in the night fulfilled by day but this is no guarantee and refuses to sell patience to waiters and runners
[one candle light held rapid tight]

a love for the permanent and faith in the destruction

that… one

...leads to four but never always never for sure never never never and still.
yet still.
forever don’t bow to this relief don’t hang on this relief don’t wait for this relief to render unto freedom the lies of chastity unpeel the sheath and hope for nothing there is nothing in this suspense but suspense and it delivers upon delivery
>lips hang aware glistening saliva running silver in the streetlights glare reaching towards eternity desperately grasping the slivering seconds building towers out of time this journey is inevitable and this quest is impossible and this quest was never embarked upon until it finds itself resolved<
snap judgment holds virtue responsible for terrible crimes once perpetrated by the involuntary reflexes of candid tales now listen
/when the tree fell and the child shook and the wind stood silent in awe and the crisp cold lingered guilty in the light the answer came from solitude that the keeper of solitude is death\
creeping further from the edges into the centre {it has no sense of itself it has no concern for the ruins that topple over eons} and lacerate the ranges lines spread master seeks violence covered and cracked and each step is recorded in the great ledger that contains one single word repeated over and over and each page stained in ink is soon erased and filled again with that syllable clanging deeply beneath the echoes
what reward is there for the predictable consequence what kind words lead softly into the ears of the repetitive hammering nails of the forgotten hopes coping sadly with the dreams once loved and once esteemed above all in these ears that love and love and love and long for the settling winds calming the scars massaging the broken muscles strained by pulling against themselves
{not one thousand years not one segment of time relieves this patient dream this longing denial} {this hopeful disease}
not the whispering angels not the falling snow not scraping sheets of fire destroying the universe in a single instant and freeeeeze this well known longing into eternal fear and long for pause and long pause and stop for not one moment this crass machine destroys the weight and creates the mass that builds roses and thorns straps horns on statues and grasps stores of raptures for the
pounding hope for the grounding rope bound tightly to the wrist wasted instantly on creation drawn infinitely from duration this is the hopeless rush of fawning screams tie this down tie this down and rip and tear and devour this dream that one time it exists "just one time exist!" where nothing ever came from nothing and into everything.