Thursday, September 24, 2009

works (re)cited

He made a motion but felt uneasy it seemed out of character to make these attempts at constructing monuments to some monument praising cycles for cycles it makes it harder when you place candles before the wooden steps and then back back back steps to see the whole structure marvelous in thought and jarring in contextuality where quality begets animosity and why shouldn’t it what kinds of happy connotations take their nests from sprawling trees just to make light by wandering shorelines and this could only give rust to statues and dust to latitudewhereingratitude lies bleak and self serving earning degrees of haaaaaate and dining tables set straight against weakening teams of tired ox dragging and waining and waxing and lamely fall drift of sleep in sizeable connotations related loosely and uselessly to lonesome weeds pushing sadly to the sky where never but any dreams did lie and ask this question of the dreaming brats just why and no answer theres no need to give light to destructive leads that crash heavy in our chests to stop suddenly and whiiiiiiiiiiiiir no need to see no need to care no need to repair the opening cloud let pour lets pour ourselves down from the sky scattered souls torn and then strewn and lain barren across endless panorama to give proof the lag is still daringly making his dreams a nightmare for these platitudes and stretched out lips burn the sentiment to some other idol sacrament sacrificing sacrament sending prayers between radio towers and no frequency tuned non care or non know and fare this treatise and share this meekly outlined carriage for two abandoned in healthy inflated shapeless traits given from it to it and back………

….scene above is taken without permission and used without gall in a sense that tends to offend which is the best circumstance for self inspection when asking for favours of gods in tow that we always hoped would lead us home and we turn back and say is this as far as I should follow and it replies me are youtalking to me am I supposed to take you somewhere who could you possibly mean what am I to you and the preceding lines should be read as a confused wretch who will no longer respond to pleas and the following lines should be taken on face value with the subject and the object reversed and the verbs all used as pronouns as follows swing on by the hollow cherry tree it is my gift to myself but you can use it too I loved it when I was a small dog and now I am more than you perhaps we can gather our thoughts on the subject and erect statues to our personal threats…..

Whilst in the process of caring for this tomb I came upon a settling fear that lingered some time in my mouth ran cold ran hot spilled cheerful cheerful cheerful what news of this old crying dame spread back to our hovel here and caused much jest and mirth so we felt cold enough to rake up the remaining fowl hopes and crush them together stomping with bare feet the mess that dribbled from the mesh and cupped up the demanding parts and left the rest to the crows by the door who chirped and seemed smiling that april morning one thousand years before the first dawn rose sluggishly from some other world we stole it from them took without concern……
….again it seems fair to make clear that all the premises listed above point to a conlusion which adds brevity to already small….

And now its become less and how it looses steam after all these volumes written haphazardly as odes to their illumination and for their termination cant hope more openly than this elemental praise and cant wake more fervently each and every single goddam fucking day to play this record on a turntable evolving the wrong way down like spirals chasing cars and cars making illegal turns and chased radidly through imaginary forests and fields like a zoo full of people or a church full of zeal and if this is some wish bursting longingly from my heart then I will start to have cares but if once again this is some trick the puppet likes to play or some dance the dirty devil wants to make happen on my charming pallet edged tongue then surely I am the fool and clearly I am the last bastion of faith in the entire choral lament and how else would such a story come to an end but with the only character playing every role and when the lights come and the lights go and that sad echo rings heavy in the stands this man that pays top coin to see his own one man show claps once claps twice then feels….
….most of what is outlined above can be seen nightly at the theatre down the road and costs nothing but your time so pay up pay up roll up and sit for the most spectacular event of the season that comes to you directly from the broad side of the moon and…
no tickets; events cancelled; invitation only
but there is probably a solution… its at the back of the book… after the
glossary but before the lexicon.