Thursday, September 4, 2008


walking. walking with a slow. stop. statements such as these promote illicit rhymes dangling delcately from edges of (crimes, times, lines, signs, fines, tynes, ed gein's) lines. tell them this tell them that this is the last word that floats aimlessly towards the piles of grimey literature and philosophy oozing with chagrin dead and soaked in death praying up to themselves laughing down in return (un-suitable fore consumption take this to the disoposal roar roar clang clang) and never learn these awful fears standing in testament to their own self admiration/deprication DEFFICATION (//salutation) merily merrily verily this is true eventually eventually (remember the time last tuesday when all our dreams were true when all the seemingly confounding strains creeping in the corners of our dreams had pulled back to reveal clean stretches of silent surf (scuttling across scores of virrrulent disease)and we smiled these smiles that still) remain as scars as shadows as memories engraved on heads in piles of forgotten scrolls and lunatics regard with regard to the last word that fell tumbling tumbling merrrrilllyy merriillyy gently over the edge of the horizon screaming these words so foul to their creator to themselves this ends the reverence. make peace these horrors land firmly on your brow make peace these worries weigh heavy in your hands make peace these horrors tear gently at your chest no rest and the rest is the same and the same

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