Thursday, October 1, 2009

echo and narcissus

and thats really all there is to it she replied as he whittled the last of his wax into a thimble and
barely audiable uttered the same reply in response and this did not calm the nerves of the twins
as they slowly raised their heads to see eachother and themselves and they screamed instantly
in the same voice youre more than enough and i have you here and you have me there and we
cried as we watched the scene as it made us angry to know that these models of existence could
never be more than a dream on the scaled lips of bitter angels rattling off story after story just
for something to do as they wait for some excuse from the bottom from the top and then say
again once upon a time and then eventually it appeared the ears turned inwards and no longer
we waited our minds comfy and blank and empty and begging and we all at once said enough we
know the story and we know how it ends and now you sit and patiently listen as i rattle off this
awful trite over and over and over told story of one and then another and a place to go and a
place to leave or something sadder or faster and when you have listened to this story over and
over you will perhaps after some eons drip through the cloth know that you want to hear no
more of these fantasies and the angel cuts us off and now changed appears to us something
  • the angel's retort.
  • the audiences' realization.
  • the twins' reunion.
  • the death.
  • the abandonment.
  • the eternal.

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