Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Twin's Reunion

take to your comfy seat again and know you have no options left but to smile laugh clap and scream at the empty stage [enter ghosts left]

the pin rests heavy at some intersection where this line crosses that and its great arch passes over nimble tides and scratches curved lines on colored sheets fingers crossed it mumbles to itself as it draws this new line far far and further still from womb and onwards still and no rest fortune favors only the wretch and muses in their jellous dance think our scribbles inane and useless hearts chained //rattle rattle// in a length unknown lost long ago their wanton desires lost long ago their free empires their crowns their sceptres their fame and traded in for empty bowls eat well fools eat well for your roles demand reprise.

>>is there supposed to be some beauty here in perfect circles or lesser lines playing completed degrees for i fail to see what glory shines from that going nowhere coming back going forth coming back<<

and of no concern and of no return and yet pick up this pen as though thrown in anger and continue this broken prose it matters to non who writes theses lines it matters less who reads and who dictates sermon or prayer and how well the audience hear at the back they sleep at the sides they love at the front they long to play and rush forth from out the stands taking to the stage and plays this man a frightened king and plays this fool a happy clown and plays these friends the chorus dance

}we purchased a script before we came as we felt certain we'd have this chance to show our lovely teeth and watch closely as we lift our skirts{

::its clear this line made promises to itself that it would wander wherever it would and in some strange way it kept this promise but it appears it was never to itself for it finds that whilst it dallied and traced new curves and escaped that awful spin its anchor weighed too heavy its centre itself the pin::

and the audience reliquish the stage and the twins resume their role and from the skies the backdrop falls and the ovation raised from within and this the monologue and then the reply and this the duologue then

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