Thursday, October 7, 2010

on negative: everything I am not

At Curtain: the sound uttered (nasal and with inflection) was the first name given [and adjectival preceding all nouns] and he named it before any other had provided for him the same appellate significance and so predicated [this thing] without predicate (non-no thing).

and before having known the second distinct from the first all had been [singular] he had not known himself apart from the scene and this narrative a retrospective conceived long after the exposit groan the cry that began all time comments in full knowledge that its facility is fallacious its facticity a lie.

And yet we are compelled to let the story {tell / choking} peel itself from infinity (where not knowing time) and bind itself tightly to inception ab demise.

"so he (the first to be our lord)
\substantiating without substance/
came hunched and naked from the litter 
that rolling mass of whelping soul(s)"

each lacking definition : each preceding being each 


thus the words of the lord: words never said (not heard) having none (not spoken) for our lord has no tongue and his flock empty ears so he lifts his head (upwards) creating there the sky and dropped his gaze down where the earth came to be here at the beginning with the eyes of god cast towards the ground and the bleating fold screaming silence - soon to make a sound.


these and many things did our father bring to be before he himself had being before he had need of he when the light drained slowly from the fresh blue sky when the first day ended 

having finished
finished before it began

the great god became darkness
the unknowing deity
soon to be (a) man

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