Thursday, October 14, 2010

On Negative: Illumination

as you have eyes (to see) set focus over this expanding scene
look [as the sun sees testing the neat edge of dawn]
this light presses hands
with splayed fingers
firmly over the

" ancient solid ground having been before existing and now birthed by knowing {a new world} one broken from the whole -first the sands .uncounted. spilling inwards to the (2.) shoots of long leafed grass and trace up the vein to the tips tinted silver and higher over the field and up (3.) the length of the tree who's boughs feel out towards his brothers where leaves brush inquisitively the leaves of (4.) another this one similar (but distinct) and the same for the rest - unique by grace of similitude - this forest of separate trees leading further and thinning (separating) at the plains "
...and when the sun ceased to climb [resting at centre] the universe wound tightly its cog and the heavy tick followed the click screeching...

...when counting destroyed eternity
......when measurement necessitated lies


this thing is not the other
this moment gone; this moment still to come

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